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Integrating the R&D, production and sale of lithium-ion battery as a key high-tech enterprise, Zhongdao Energy Co., Ltd was established in November 2005 with 60 million Yuan register capital, is located in JinJiang Industrial Park, Jincheng, Shanxi Province, China. Entire enterprise total property has exceeded 10 hundred million Yuan. Today, more than 400 full - time staffs work at Zhongdao, which is the earliest and largest high-tech enterprise in the scope of whole Shanxi province. The company manufactures 60260 cylindrical Li-ion battery, 18650 cylindrical Li-ion battery, square battery for miners’ lamp, automotive battery for E-Motorcycle, power battery for E-Bike, special military battery, etc.  


In 2011, Zhongdao successfully produced 60260 cylindrical Li-ion battery featuring 150Wh/Kg energy density. It is welcomed by domestic and foreign customers and national patent was granted to zhongdao. Tested by Chinese Vehicle Power Battery Testing Center, the cycling ability and discharge rate of the battery is in the leading position while comparing to the similar products in both domestic and foreign marketing. In May 2013, BEV (battery electric vehicles) produced by Yuhang Automobile Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary branch of Zhongdao, gained the championship in the first National City Bus Energy Contest along with BYD. Various advantages of battery are again demonstrated to public including its high energy density, low energy consumption and long mileage range. 

Since its foundation, Zhongdao always attaches great importance to technology and talent development, owns professional technology and excellent team. All kinds of professionals with bachelor degree or above reach more than 80 people. Zhongdao is in line with the ISO 9001-2008 international quality certification systems and owns more than 30 patents. Besides, the products have successively passed the CCC certification, CE certification, UL certification.

Uphold the guidelines of New Generation, Developmental Generation and Reserve Generation, Zhongdao always takes an active part in the cooperation with research institution and universities. The company successfully produces 20Ah LiFePO square energy battery with CASIC (China Aerospace Science and Industrial Corporation), 8.5Ah cylindrical LiFePO energy battery with the PLA General Armament Research Institute, various military batteries with China Ordnance Industry Group and solve the technology difficulties with Beijing Institute of Technology.  

Zhongdao has also set up a special R & D center to develop the rechargeable battery pack and charging device with excellent, stable and reliable capability, which can be widely used in solar street lights, high-end medical equipment, mobile power storage device, handheld vehicle weapon system, emergency lighting equipment and other special devices.

To implement the economic development mode transformation from central government and the leaping transformation development from provincial and municipal government, Zhongdao plans to invest in the construction of stronger, larger lithium ion battery production line. 32 hundred million Yuan is invested in the project that covers an area of 1200 mu. After the complement of project, it’s estimated that company can realize the annual sales income of about 80 hundred million yYuan, create about 12 hundred million Yuan profits and taxes as well as more than 8000 employment opportunities. The first phase of the project covers an area of 560 mu with 17 hundred million Yuan investment capital. The annual production of high energy density of lithium ion power battery can reach up to 400000000 Ah after the project operation. 2000 tons Li-ion energy materials and 3000 key components can bring about 32 hundred million Yuan sales income and create about 5 hundred million Yuan profits and taxes. 3800 employment opportunities can be provided to more people.  

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